How I Started On My Fitness Journey

    My journey has been different from many others, I wanted to gain weight instead of losing weight. I wanted to gain some muscle and simply be fit. And many people think this is easier because, why not just eat? But its not, gaining weight and muscle to become fit is just as hard.


    Shea Moisture Product Review for 4c Hair

    Over the years I have used several products and I will review most of them here for you. Reading reviews on products is an important part of my shopping whether its food, hair products or skincare. So, I hope you will find my take on products helpful in your journey to finding products you can call “home”.


    Do You Need A Social Media Detox?

    I realized I needed to take a detox when every time I was online all I did was compare myself to other people. I wanted their lives, their jobs, their clothes, their hair, their make up and as ashamed as I am to admit to this, I SPENT HOURS GREEN WITH ENVY over online versions of people I didn’t even…

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    My Ai Ais Hotsprings Resort Weekend

    A few Fridays ago, my partner and I managed to make a trip to the NWR’s (Namibia Wildlife Resort) Ai Ais Hotsprings Resort. Leaving the comfort of your home to experience something new is always a good idea. I had high expectations about this place to be frank because the website really sold it to me. Have a look at the…

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    Quick Roast Veggie Salad

    This salad is delicious and I am not just saying that, it is very satisfying and nourishing. Considering that all I had to do was chop up a few veggies, roast them and throw them on a plate. That’s like 5-minute prep time and 30-minute cooking time. And I didn’t even realize there was no meat on the plate, it…

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    Self-motivation is the one thing that has helped me to wake up every single day and live on. I’m sure You can relate; it is often difficult to get out of bed and just see the day through. I recently have had a lot of life changes and even though I have a plan, I often must make it up…