Self-motivation is the one thing that has helped me to wake up every single day and live on. I’m sure You can relate; it is often difficult to get out of bed and just see the day through. I recently have had a lot of life changes and even though I have a plan, I often must make it up as I go.

For many years I was demotivated at school and work and held back a lot. Sometimes I still struggle with the feeling quite often, but I think it’s important for you and me to identify our WHY in this world and what motivates us.

It’s the simple stuff for me. Here is a small list of things that motivate me. Think about yours as you read mine

My End Goal

Above success and money (which are nice things to have) I honestly want to be remembered for my courage, passion and the love I have for life. I want to be able to explore everything within my means and create opportunities for myself that allow me to oversee my own life and make my small dreams a reality.

My Nieces

They may not be my children, but I love them as if they were my own and when I think about being exemplary to them, I think about living my authentic self. Not conforming to societies standards and unspoken life instructions allows me to be me. I want my nieces to learn from my mistakes and achievements. I want them to decide what they want and have support from their parents and me. When I look into their eyes, I find courage to be real and push myself to take on every day.

My Upbringing

Growing up between a small town and a small village has given me a great perspective on life. I know so many people who are living below the poverty line, some are family unfortunately. And its taught me a lot about seeing past your circumstances and having the courage to go out in the world and create a better life for myself.

Talking To Other People

Its so easy to think you are having a hard life and everything sucks in your corner when millions if not billions have it far worse off than you. Having access to internet a lone is a privilege if you are reading this. So as much as you may lack in your daily life according to the standards presented to you on social media, do not forget to value the food on your table, the shelter above your head and the clothes on your back.

Look Online For Motivational Quotes

Here are some that make my days, I enjoy women empowerment quotes the most.

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