5 Steps For A Successful Social Media Detox

As mentioned in my previous post I took a year off from social media. And in this post I want to explain how I did it successfully.

Step 1

You need to have an honest conversation with yourself, if social media has become a toxic part of your life instead of it being inspirational and uplifting then maybe you need the break.

Step 2

Don’t quit cold turkey. You need to formulate an effective plan before the detox. Will you be deleting the apps altogether? Will you deactivate your account temporarily? For some its easy to re download the app the app so deactivating the account may be a better option. I chose to delete the app because I had the right motivation and just about enough self-control to not re download the app. Its really up to you.

Step 3

Decide how long you will stay off social media beforehand. Many people don’t need a year off like I did. A week, two weeks, a month or even a few months may be sufficient.

Step 4

What activities will you be engaging in while you are off social media? For me spending time with my nieces and sister was the best alternative, cooking for them, cleaning their home and also being outdoors and gardening. Writing and photography was another outlet of mine. So what’s yours? What will you replace hours of scrolling with?

Step 5

Fight the desire to break the detox. There will be temptations to break your detox by the way, there were many times when people would ask, “why haven’t you posted lately!” or just feeling of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) but I managed it. I stopped being curious about what the world around me was up to and focused on my mental health.

If you are reading this article and you have a healthy relationship with social media, I take my hat of to you! Or maybe you spend a lot of time online but it doesn’t feel any of it is robbing you of anything, my hat off to you too. But if you feel like I did even just a little, take a week off and enjoy life offline. You will not regret it.

Love & Light to You!

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