24 hours in Swakopmund

When I wrote this post, I was nursing an extremely runny nose and a sore throat. Thanks to the change in weather I’ve had to endure in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay!! 

I was obviously more than happy to take a trip to the coast when my friend Kim came to visit in April. I met her two years earlier and she is a true gem! I could write an entire essay about her. Let’s just say she is a true blessing to anyone who gets to meet her. She is very independent, polite and humble. She gets on with everyone and if I could adapt anyone quite frankly, it would be her!! 

We took a midnight shuttle and crashed at a friend’s before exploring the town. Started off at Slowtown in Swakopmund, attempted to get into the museum but we didn’t really see the point of getting in, we walked to the jetty, went to the aquarium, had the worst lunch at Spur Swakopmund (I’m never going back there!!) and then we went camel riding. This was definitely the highlight of my day. 

A few photos to take you through my spontaneous 24 hours in Swakopmund

My mocha
Slowtown, Swakopmund
The Jetty

The Aquarium

Afterwards, we finally went to Walvis Bay. Was too tired to enjoy it or take any photos. But we stayed with a lovely family and met some of the most lovely people we’ll probably ever met; some Canadians and Botswanans (I am not certain what we actually call them!). The wife at the house we stayed cooked better than Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey put together. I honestly wish I could have stayed longer. 

I’ll be doing another trip there before year end I’ll go all out then!! The weekend definitely gave me a glimpse of how exciting it is to go on a spontaneous adventure – with very little money, no car and just one kind and accommodating friend! 

I’m motivated to work hard at my job, save as much as I can and pay it towards collecting memories instead of things!! 


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