Are You Trusting His Timing?

For the longest time, I would pray for things and give God a deadline. Can you believe it? I, Karina, gave God a deadline! The nerve of it all.

All of last year, I was so afraid of being done with school, leaving uni and finishing my degree meant looking for a job and needing to grow up, look for a job and climb my way up the ladder. Paying bills and looking after myself completely.I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to dive into the PR industry in Namibia to be honest or if I was going to try my luck with getting into a Marketing department somehow. I know I am a creative at heart and if I could have my way, I’d own a little gallery on the corner of Independence Avenue and sell local art work. I started applying for jobs in December 2016 and up until February no one called me for an interview.

And I did pray but nothing happened. I started to feel inadequate and depressed. Sometimes I would wake up and I didn’t want to do anything, but I did find the courage to cook, clean and procrastinate about the future of this blog. Yes I did. I was constantly reminded of the stats; majority of people with a degree can not find a job in their field of study. They have to settle for something else and work their way up.

Enough with the bad bits..

I had a supportive friends and for that I am grateful. I also learned to trust God’s timing with everything. Because about a week ago, I did get my very first job.  I am a Personal Assistant to the General Manager of a high end retail company. Never in my life would I have ever imagined myself in retail!!! Its absolutely nothing that I would have ever imagined myself doing but I AM LOVING IT. From the moment I met my boss for the interview, I knew that I was meant to be at that job. Even when I thought I wouldn’t make it past the polygraph test that happened after the interview. It becomes clearer everyday that this job was part of God’s plan for my life.

Here are a few life saving tips I received from an army of people for anyone job hunting and feeling inadequate:

  1. Approach people – Make a million copies of your CV, walk into any company, ask for HR, introduce yourself, make a good impression, hand them your CV and walk out of there like you already have the job. My new boss told me that she was most impressed with me because I confidently walked up to her, introduced myself and gave her my CV. Off you go!!!
  2. Take a chance at something new – Whatever plan you had for your life, forget it a little. Put it in the back of your mind and dive into your current reality. Make work what you have at hand. I am a PR graduate who couldn’t find a job in my industry and now I am in Retail.
  3. Pursue your passion in the background – My last point didn’t cover this very important aspect. Sometimes we need to put our livelihood in front of our passion, but this should always be a temporary. Always make time to work towards your dreams, take baby steps and do something everyday that brings you closer to them.
  4. Be confident – If you don’t believe in you, people will see it in how you speak and behave. And who are they to believe in you when you don’t?

So I got completely side tracked in regard to main point, which is Trusting God’s Timing. I have renewed my trust and faith in His plan for my life and so should you. I am ashamed that I waited for this job to come to my senses, but it matters that I did. Remembering that your current setback is only temporary should strengthen YOU!

Have a lovely week beautiful human!







  • Dina

    Just the mere fact that you are humble enough to take a job that is entirely different from what you were expecting takes character. I love the way you learnt a lesson from this whole experience instead of just being oblivious or never mind. I believe in hard work because I have a father who for some 30 years did the same job everyday, he’d come home smiling; he made his job seem perfect. However, his job wasn’t perfect, in those years he never got promoted only got a 5% salary increase at times. He took me to school, fed me and most importantly loved me. One thing he did was that he didn’t let his job define him, he defined his job. And now, he is about to retire, what does he have to show for it? He didn’t forget what was important Jehovah and his family. So work hard Kay work hard. Be content and the rest shall follow, believe that.
    Great blog! Keep writing away!
    Yours truly
    Dina. Xoxo

    • Karina

      Your father is admirable!! And he raised such an amazing soul. Glad to call you my baby sister!! And knowing you read gives me the courage to write even more. I’m super grateful for you!!!

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