Falling in love with Namibia all over again

I was listening to a podcast a few minutes ago about being able to create my own reality. Too often we allow life and our circumstances determine our reality, I know I constantly cling on to what is considered conventional. I forget that I am different; I am special kind of woman. My life has been far from conventional, so why do I assume I will fit into a reality that I haven’t created?
Leaving Namibia (which I will call Nam from this point on) 4 years ago to pursue my studies in PR in the beautiful city of Cape Town was the best life decision I ever made as a teenager. Completing my studies and moving back to Namibia as a young adult was beyond scary for me. I needed to start all over again, live with family, reconnect with friends, look for a job and find my sanity in these hard economic times we are currently facing.
Traveling back and forth around the country with my family helped me to grow my love for Nam, the landscapes, the green through the rain, the happy faces, the dust and the heat. This is my home. I was born and raised here, this is all I knew then and I was able to reconnect with it all over again. Two weeks ago, I went to my favorite town in Nam, Swakopmund, everything about it gives me chills. It’s small and filled with dust from the Namib Desert but I love it. The desert meets the ocean as soon as you drive out of town. I haven’t seen the world, yet, but everything about the Namib and the Atlantic being side by side is everything to me! It’s what makes the town so special to me. I fell in love with Namibia all over again.
In the next few weeks, I pray that I find a job that will allow me to save up some money so I can travel more. I want to see the Skeleton coast, Sossusvlei and pretty much every corner of my motherland. I am going to create a new reality for myself and I am going to give this life thing my best. I dare you to evaluate your life and create a new reality, only YOU can.


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