Still Single, 2 Decades Later

Single in your 2o’s? If you are I dedicate this post to you.

We are on the same boat dear friend. And I am writing this with a smile on my face; because I genuinely am happy to be single. I like the idea of being able to work on myself, getting to know myself and being certain about what I want before I can even think of settling down. For too long I let people make me feel bad for choosing to be single.

I am looking to be in a good space before I can start courting. I use the word courting instead of dating because courting is considered to be more godly and done with a purpose in mind. I do not intend on seeing a few guys between now and my wedding day, I only want to court that one person. I sound a bit like a sucker for romance don’t I? Well, I do daydream a lot about meeting THAT one person and spending my life with them. I like the idea of romance and marriage. But I know that with everything in life, there is an appointed time for it.

Don’t  be ashamed to daydream about having a significant other. But do not dwell on it so much that you forget to enjoy your current season. Your single season. This is the season you can spend time with your family and friends. Work on your relationship with God, which is an essential foundation to any marriage. Focus on your job and being good at it – unless you don’t plan on buying groceries and having a home. Explore your passion and exhaust your efforts to make your little dreams come true. Travel – and not necessarily the entire globe but get to know your surroundings,town/city, country or even continent.


And most importantly….

Love yourself first. Love who you are. Your mind, body and soul. No one else can love you better than you love YOU. Accept your imperfections and embrace the things that make you stand out; this could be your curves, lips, freckles or even long thin feet. Move on from your past, your mistakes and bad decisions – the past is long gone and you know for a fact that you can’t change it. Take care of YOU, spiritually first and then emotionally and physically too. You know all this – but I’m all about reminders!!

I reminded you of all of that to ease you into the point you should keep close to your heart.

If you can’t love you, you aren’t fit to love anyone else!

So dear friend, enjoy your current season, your single season. You will look back to it one day and instead of a bitter heart you should smile with gratitude that you made the most of it.signature

Enjoy your single season with your besties, that way you have lots of memories for when you are old and wrinkled.


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