I miss Cape Town

Its been exactly two months and a few weeks since left Cape Town. Feels like just yesterday when I was in some serious denial about my new reality. The four years really did fly in my opinion. Let me list a few of the things I genuinely miss about Cape Town.

1. Weather – the four seasons in one day drove everyone insane but I genuinely miss the wind, rain and sun all in one go. The mist and the cold nights.

2. My friends and Family – pretty much the highlight of it all for me was the fact that I had made such amazing friends who turned into family. My JW family was absolutely everything. The people are so kind-hearted, happy and welcoming. No amount of words can express the joy I had in their presence. I wrote a post to all my friends that I never got the chance to post because I was so late to the airport the day I had to leave, it read, “Dear Cape Town Friends, You have redefined love for me in a way that no one ever can. I have had the best four years of my life. God has truly blessed me with you kind, loving, funny and adventurous souls. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces again soon.”

3. The diversity of everything – the people, the food, the scenery and the constant surprises! Everyday was nearly brand new. I was never bored, the only time I was sad was when I missed my family back home.

4. The inspiration painted all over town – the creativity that lived in the souls of the people of this beautiful city gave me a new perspective of life. I now believe that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to. I will need to work hard and believe in my ideas even if I am the only one that does. Sometimes YOU need to be your own cheerleader in this life thing. People will inspire you and motivate you but can not hold your hand through your journey, and that is okay.

I miss a million other little things, like the beach, the markets scattered all over town but I’d never stop writing if I was to dive into all of it.
Here are some photos of the last two weeks of my stay!!!

Spin street views.
In the future, I will be a tea cup collector.
Camps Bay beach chilling waiting for sunset.


The amazing souls I got to spend time with at Cavalli Estate.
Cavalli Wine Estate, first wine farm I visited and fell in love with.
Sea Point.
Bike riding around the Peninsula with the homies.
Wine tasting.
Scenery seen while bike riding around the Peninsula.



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