Finally Graduated!

This post is two long weeks late!! Shame on me! I promised consistency and I failed. Time is really flying and my poor planning and time  management continues to steal my joy and productivity!

Just two weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending my Graduation. It feels just like 4 years ago when I started at it; I had so much doubt about everything but I accepted my fate and started a new life. I had to adjust to a new city, new people and multiple cultures. I had very little expectations so I was the happiest to be far away from my little small town. It was a huge facelift to my ordinary life seeing as my high school was located in the middle of the village and I had spent a good 5 years of my life there, wasting away and crossing rivers. No jokes!!

I had such a good 4 days from work to attend my grad, Cape Town was everything I imagined, as usual! I had a perfect schedule but I failed to do most of that To Do List! I didn’t even take as many pictures as I would have wanted to. But it was a memorable trip.

Upon arrival, blue skies.

We browsed town for a minute and headed to the oh sooo amazing Jordan Wine Estate





Due to terrible time management, I spent the next 24 hours trying to shop and seeing some of my friends. I saw very few, sadly.

Graduation Day!!

Waiting to get on stage!! The happiness is written all over my face. This is definitely when I realized that I made it.



I look terribly blurry because I didn’t take this picture myself.

It was great seeing my old classmates and seeing my uni one last time. It didn’t matter to me too much that I didn’t have my family there during the ceremony, it mattered more to me that they had been there for me for the past 4 years. There was no way I expected my mom and sister to abandon their families, they have been the most supportive and loving. And if there is one thing they have taught me, with their actions and not speech is to be independent and strong. This milestone was MINE!

The only part of the ceremony I will treasure is a quote by the dean of the faculty, it said, “Some people are so poor that all they have is money.” It reminded me of what is truly important. I am going to spend as much of my life chasing what I am truly passionate about and crave terribly, three things: wisdom, love and happiness!!! I am now a qualified Public Relations Practitioner by the way!

Sitting around. Waiting for the national airline to offload and reload so I can get back to my new life.

That’s about it, ladies and gentleman. I appreciate your attention span, this was a rather long post.




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