Finding a Job in 2017


I am sure that many can agree that employment has become a dreadful topic anywhere in the world. A lot of qualified people anywhere on the globe simply cannot find jobs. I won’t bore you with the statistics. I am sure you have seen them everywhere – they have become breaking news after all.

But here are some statistics for those who haven’t seen them (Most of them are rather old but as you can imagine, the statistics are much higher by the year): World Unemployment Rate

I want to share my personal story about employment. But feel free to skip to the steps if reading paragraphs isn’t for you. I got my first job after matric. I worked as a secretary for an insurance broker (Whom I still stay in touch with). Soon after I went to uni (University) and every single year while there, I worked for an NGO (non-profit organization) – our course simply required us to give back to non – profits so we did. And it was absolutely amazing. Not easy by any means but it taught me a lot about work ethic, accountability and responsibility.

I also got the opportunity to work for a corporate, which was both exciting and scary. They honestly never prepare you for the world of work at uni for the most part. All we do is theory and just a little bit of practical. I failed terribly as a communications intern, I tried to make it up as I go but it came to a point where I hated going home because all I thought about was the job I hated, waking up for work was even worse. I wanted to cry all the time. I lasted 6 months instead of 8 months (I made sure only to leave after I completed my research project).

In my last year of school – we had research so I found a job teaching English online. It was lots of fun. Teaching English online deserves its own post.

The biggest mistake a lot of people make is dedicate all their uni life to school. There is absolutely nothing worse than having no work experience. In this era.

Everyone has a certificate/diploma/certificate. Technically. So if you fool yourself into thinking that you will be one of a few in the job market, You are lying to yourself. Thousands graduate every single year. At my graduation this year there was about +7000 graduates! There aren’t many jobs seeing as we have been in recession since I stepped into this world (well we haven’t but it feels like we have). I hear about people with degrees and master’s degrees struggling to find jobs so I was terrified when I left uni. I soon realized that my unemployment status is something only I can change. I was naive and unrealistic for only a month and then reality sank in.

Enough ranting.:)

I am here to share with you PRACTICAL tips on finding a job.


2 – Only YOU can change your employment status. Not your mother, father, sister, uncle or aunt. Not the employer you are eyeing. Only YOU can!!

3   YOU will have to get up, look up templates on excellent CV’s, type up one – no, not one, type two. One CV is targeted at the job applicable to what you studied and the other should be generic – targeted at anyone hiring a hard working skilled individual; who wants to do just about anything for any company. Too often we limit ourselves because we think Waitressing, Typing, Filing and Making Tea is not for us.

4 – Wake up early on a Tuesday – Thursday (Just because on Monday people are genuinely often too busy and Friday they are too lazy), dress up like you are going to an interview, walk from company to company, ask for the HR people, introduce yourself to them (Tell them who you are, what you studied and what you are passionate about, your work experience and tell them you are more than willing to do anything and learn even for free). Smile and try to be conversational but straight to the point.

Network with people who may know people who may know about vacancies!

5 – Repeat the 5 steps every single week until you get a call back. And hold yourself accountable and responsible for your OWN LIFE.  

Both jobs I have had the privilege this year came from the result of these tips, which people shared with me!

I am sharing these tips based on my experience. I was unemployed only two months after uni because I quickly realized that sitting at home mailing people simply does not work. Making that personal effort and showing up is what shows a potential employer that you really need the job. 7th March I started as a Personal Assistant for a retail. 6th June I started as a Call Centre Temp at an organization I have wanted to work for all my life. Things are not perfect now but I have got THE BALL ROLLING AND THAT’S WHAT MATTERS!!

I did not intend on this post to be this long but I mean everything I said. Learn from someone who has been where you are. Pick yourself up, take responsibility for your life and go out there and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!


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