How I Started On My Fitness Journey

My fitness journey began in 2017 when I started working at the Rosh Pinah Gymnasium. When I first started it was extremely tough and I never understood why working out was so tough. The first few weeks I’ve cried during my work outs, I felt beyond frustrated and I even threw up at some point. I want to share my journey to inspire others and motivate them to start on their journey.

My journey has been different from many others, I wanted to gain weight instead of losing weight. I wanted to gain some muscle and simply be fit. And many people think this is easier because, why not just eat? But its not, gaining weight and muscle to become fit is just as hard.

As much as I was tested and pushed by the Trainer Emily Marova Gatsi and pushed to my limits, I never gave up; I learned to create motivation for myself because I wanted to reach my goal. Since beginning on my fitness endeavor my life has changed a lot. I often ask myself, “Isn’t it crazy how that one decision I made took me down completely on a different path that I never imagined?”

After a week training and working with Emily I quickly understood that with the right mindset, consistency, faith and focus anything is possible. I was disciplined and followed a fitness regime of 2 hours workout session 5 times a week, I also changed my diet and soon started seeing the results.  I got to learn a lot about fitness and fell in love with process. I soon realized that when it came to fitness that is where my passion, enthusiasm and dedication met. I learned that fitness is a lifestyle choice and an extremely worthwhile investment in yourself. It is indeed a great way to distress, build more confidence, be happy and healthy mentally and physically too.

My advice to whoever wants to begin on a fitness path is to know that like anything else in life, you will face obstacles, we all face struggles and we all have commitments we need to live by. Don’t listen to that urge to quit, don’t give up before you even begun. I know and understand the process is long and actually it doesn’t end because this is a way of living. It’s not boring, it’s all for you, yourself and only you. And so for anyone out there feeling down, unmotivated, defeated or overwhelmed, just remember that we all have a starting point. It’s down to you how you get towards your end point.

How I look today after working out nearly everyday! My body is toned, my abs are definitely more defined.

I always set my yearly, monthly fitness goals and I am excited to move to the next level. If I can do it, than you can definitely do it!!!!!!!

Written By Selma Shangeni  


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