Life Update: After 7 weeks of Art School

I am going to try and be brief about the past 7 weeks, if that is even possible. Late last year, I thought about what I was going to do with the rest of my life. Working for corporate in an informal environment has been a breeze to some extent but I wondered whether I would survive in a formal corporate environment because that’s what its suppose to lead to.

I like to play by my own rules in this life thing. I want to be able to create things and sell ideas, products and services. My idea of a job is not to be tied down to one but a million ideas. In short, I would like to consult and be an entrepreneur for the rest of my life. I often think about Nelly — she is a chemical engineer by profession but chose a whole other path for herself, see her blog —–

I have always had a passion for the arts, anyone who knows me will tell you just how creative I am. In my writing and even my photography and now drawing and painting. I applied to the College of the Arts and my acceptance was absolutely inevitable. I started 29th January at the Katutura Community Arts Centre. Its been pure bliss. There were times when I cried because things were so hard, our lecturers have such high expectations. They expect us draw every idea before we execute. Let me not get technical, but we must everything by hand. We learn concepts, histories of techniques, practice as a group and must produce a final individual project that will be marked to test the theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

There is 23 of us in class, 6 females and honestly the pressure to excel is so high. As a a female I need to work as hard and I feel I need to prove myself more because the males in my class are talented okes.

Valdemar’s drawings. I think his works speaks to me most, I know he spends hours practicing everything we learn and it shows in everything he draws.


My current daily routine looks a lot like this:

Waking up 7:30am –>> Class 8:30am –>>  Work 15:30pm—>>  Home 00:35am –>>Sleep 2:00am. Repeat.

That’s about 5 hours of sleep a night on a weekday. The weekends are definitely much more exciting, my body allows at least 7 hours.

It looks familiar right?? I only complain because last year I took the entire year off and all I did was work. I spent all my free time sleeping. The amount of times my brother and sister sat me down to give me motivational talks was endless. 2017 was my idea of pre retirement; because from this point on, I’ll be working  hard until I can’t straight no more.

My well deserved mid term break has ended as you read this!!!

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