Motivation, Where Are You?

I often feel demotivated so I talk myself out of it.

Here is a little rant from late last night when I was desperately looking for Motivation!!

Waking up in the morning can be such a drag, especially when your life starts to feel like a routine. Mine sure does. Every single day, I wake up, shower, dress for work, eat something, rush to work, get there, work until there is nothing else to do, kill time, improvise by doing small little tasks slowly, check the time constantly, go home, make dinner, clean, sleep. REPEAT!

Hopefully your routine is so much better than mine, because if it isn’t, like me, You probably need to re evaluate your life, make some changes and not feel like everyday is the same. Easier said than done. I know!  But where is the motivation to pick up the pieces and build something new? Just where can I find that motivation.

Sometimes I want to write, pour my heart out and just share. But I am too demotivated to even pick the PC and switch it on, when I do, I am likely to start watching Youtube and we all know how that goes. So the writing never happens.

Dwelling changes nothing, we all know this!


My current struggle as mentioned earlier is the will to just write. I know that I love to write but I am often too lazy. Here is something I found online that helped me raise my head and write instead of dwelling and sulking:

Write. Write when it hurts. Write when it feels good. Write when you want to. Write when you don’t. Write when you have a direction. Write when you have no idea where it’s going. Write when you want everyone to see. Write when you want to keep it to yourself. Above all, write for you. Too many writers write solely what they think their readers want to hear. Write truth. Your truth. Whenever a great piece of work is written, the world takes notice. Sometimes the world just takes longer than we would all like. – Katie Dilts

I have learned that motivation is everywhere. Its on the internet. Its in your home. Its in your heart. Its in the books you aren’t reading. It doesn’t come to you unless you search for it! So find it and grab it with both hands if you really want to make a difference in your own life!


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