Steps On How To Tackle Binge Eating And Overeating!

Hey loves, hope all is well. So, I’ve been meaning to write about this topic because my weight loss journey wouldn’t be complete without talking about binge eating and overeating. I’m sure we have all been there, whether it is eating too much food at a wedding, family gathering, using the weekends and holidays as an excuse to eat and overindulge. It can be so easy to overeat despite our best intentions to be healthy and fit.

First thing to do is not to stress about it, because overeating happens to almost all of us and the worst thing you can do is feel disappointed or angry at yourself for it. This will only lead to an unhealthy relationship with food if it keeps happening over the long term. 

If you do find that you’ve eaten too much, here are some simple tips that I’ve tried to get back on track.

Figure out your feelings

I know the first thing after overeating is that you start feeling bad or guilty but I’m here to tell you don’t. Be kind to yourself, feeling bad about it wont reverse what had happened it will only make it worse, one thing about being healthy is having a positive mindset and always remind yourself that you are in control. 

Find out when you mostly overeat whether is when you’re feeling sad or angry or whenever you go to parties you just cant seem to not overeat, this will help you to always know the cause of your binge and how to avoid it.

Get back on track

The best way to recover after overeating is to get straight back into your healthy routine and push away any excuses. Schedule in your workouts for the next few days and commit to them, but start from 2-3 workouts a week and gradually build from that. It will help to join a fitness class, go hiking or bike riding around the neighborhood with friends.

It is also important to plan your meals and meal prep for the next three days or so and stay consistent with them, knowing what to eat eliminates the occurrence of being hungry and ending up eating anything.

Also make sure you eat a healthy breakfast, this helps with keeping you full and energized for the day.

Avoid skipping meals

When you skip meals it only makes you more hungry and its a recipe for overeating later. Instead, try to eat as clean as possible so that your body is filled with wholesome foods. Eating protein with every meal can help to keep you full and high-fiber foods can help with your digestion. As mentioned above planning your meals helps you to be consistently eating nutritious foods.

Getting enough sleep

Sleeping is always underrated but having a good nights rest helps in allowing your body to fully restore itself and wake up fresh and ready for the day. Its important to keep yourself busy with activities that you enjoy, hang out with great company, learn new skills and get involved in community building activities that keep your mind off thinking about food.

So I hope these simple tips have helped. Remember the trick to overeating is to take steps to rectify it and know what to do after a binge. Look after your body and don’t let yourself feel bad about any of your choices. Nobody eats perfectly healthy all the time and it’s totally natural to overindulged.

 However, if you feel this is regularly happening and that it might be a more serious issue, it might be useful to speak to a healthcare professional, who will listen and provide you with recommendations to help with the situation.

Thank you for reading thus far, let me know in the comment section how you overcome binge eating.


Written By Selma Hako

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