Taking Stock – June 2019

I am in such a good place in my life. I’ve been working past my insecurities and the limitations I have been placing on myself. I have been finding a lot of joy in writing again and slowly but surely, writing is becoming easier for me.

What have you been up to? What challenges are you facing? What goals have you been able to tick off? Are you chasing happiness and peace? Meditation has been an amazing highlight for me. Asking myself the right questions and being honest with myself has been pure joy.

I’m sharing all my thoughts below; cut, paste when you get to the end and fill in the blanks to see how you are feeling about every aspect of your life.

Cooking: A lot of veggies and a combination of proteins. Health is Wealth has become my favorite tagline.

Drinking: Water. I find myself craving water all day. It’s the first thing I have in the morning and the last thing I have at night. Trying to revive my skin.

Reading: The Art of Not Giving A F*** by Mark Manson and finishing Shonda Rhimes ‘The Year Of Yes’ as well as Gabrielle Union’s ‘We Are Going To Need More Wine’. I need to share my reviews soon.

Looking: For peace in this world. The news terrifies me lately. When did the world become so cruel and unjust?

Deciding: Whether to sign up for gym again. My heart says yes but my mind says no. Working out at home has been great and seeing results has been bliss!

Wishing: I had more courage. I wish I could buy courage.

Enjoying: My daily routine. Its hard to find joy in everyday but I have been fixated on creating joy for myself instead of expecting anyone to make anything happen for me.

Waiting: To see all my hard work and patience bear some fruits.

Liking: The new sense of freedom I have acquired since letting go old my old religion (that deserves an entire post to explain). I live judgement free life where the person I seek to live by my own rules.

Wondering: Why anxiety will not leave me alone. Why?

Loving: The simple things in life.

Listening: To Happier by Marshmello ft Bastille. I know its old, but that song easily lightens up my mood. Try it:

Considering: Buying a journal mid-year. I have one I type in, but I miss pen on paper.

Buying: Nothing at all. I am saving every dime I have.

Watching: A lot of documentaries on religion and cults. I was naïve for too long.

Hoping: I live up to the expectations I have for myself.

Cringing: My upcoming birthday. It’s in a few days and I am scared. I am not certain that I am ready to be 26. That is 4 years away from 30. Scary stuff. I am pretending my birthday isn’t happening this year to avoid the reality of the numbers that come with it.

Marveling: At how quickly kids grow up. My youngest niece is almost two and knows how to call me by name.

Needing: To spend more time outdoors.

Wearing: Work out clothes even when I am not working out.

Smelling: Clean air and perfume

Following: A lot of entrepreneurial pages for inspiration.

Noticing: How much my friends have become my sisters. Blood isn’t always thicker than water.

Knowing: That God loves me very much and never has forsaken me and will help me through whatever challenges I face in this life.

Thinking: How therapeutic playing Candy Crush is.

Disliking: This winter. It gets boring to live in socks.

Opening: Old magazines for artistic inspiration.

Feeling: Helpless at odd times. I find myself thinking about my father. I imagine him lying in his coffin and how much I wish I could talk to him, but I cannot.

Celebrating: The freedom I have as an individual. Many people in this world still have no freedom. Its 2019 and we have not progressed positively. The rich get richer, the poor remain poor.

Pretending: To be happy sometimes in order to avoid drawing attention to myself.

Embracing: All of me. Flaws and all.

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