Want to be a photographer?

For the longest time I thought I wanted to be a photographer, and perhaps I still do. But I uncovered a truth behind starting up and using your passion to start a successful and productive business.


I met up with Victoria, one of Namibia’s most sought after photographer. She has an incredible portfolio and has worked hard to get to where she is, which is why i admire her so much. Take a look at some of her work on her Instagram page  vtoriiaphotography

I learned so much about work ethic more than anything during our chat. Below is a brief list of things I want to remember as I begin on my journey in creative arts.

  1. Start small – Take photos of everyone and everything. Pictures of friends, family, the popular kids in your city and anyone willing to give you their time to help you grow your portfolio. This allows you to become familiar with your camera.
  2. Socialize and share your work – Go out there, speak to people about your work, take photos and always share them with people. That way they remember you if they ever need your services. They may also recommend you to friends, family or co workers.
  3. Use social media to share your work – Facebook and Instagram are absolutely free, so they are essentials when it comes to marketing yourself. Tag people in their pictures and make the most of the free marketing tools you have at hand.
  4. Be consistent – People will remember you and consider you serious about your art if you are consistent. Decide on how frequently you will post
  5. Be confident – A lot of work will come your way if you are exceptional at what you do, but even more work will come your way based on how you present yourself. How you speak to people and the impression you make will go a long way.
  6. Its 30% Art and 70% Business – For someone to become successful in the photography business, as much as the art and skills matter, you need to be realistic in terms of business. What are your costs for every photo session? What are your operational costs? How much profit would you like to make? Take a entrepreneurship/business course if you must.

And most importantly!!

7. Don’t compare yourself to others

Every photographer is unique, each has their own style or niche. Focus on you, figure out what it is you like to photograph or document, master it and put your best foot forward!


I am determined to dedicate some of my time to my photography. For a start, I spent some time today learning how to use my camera. I’ll soon share a few snippets!

Thanks for reading this post; the take away is that whatever your passion is – pursue it, do research, talk to people and get to it. YOU have what it takes, believe in yourself and make YOURSELF proud.


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